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Kathmandu here I come!

Congratulations! Dear Bernadet de Prins, Thank you for your submission to Photo Kathmandu 2015. After careful review by our team of curators, we are happy to confirm that your work has been officially selected for the festival! The festival will have 6 nights of curated slideshows that will take place in 6 outdoor locations in the old city of Patan, and we are thrilled to be able to include your work in one of these 6 nights. We will be happy to share a more precise schedule closer to the festival. Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as […]


Dat las ik vanmorgen in de Volkskrant. Mooi artikel waarin Jos Cuijten vertelt over haar jarenlange ervaring met alzheimer. Ze vertelt wat er in het hoofd aan verwarring is bij alzheimerpatiënten. En hoe dat mis kan gaan doordat de omgeving de patiënt wil geruststellen. Dat kan behoorlijk met elkaar botsen. Benieuwd naar haar boek “Is dementie erg?”.      

Els en Louis

Els and Louis live for more than 40 years in a nice house in Rotterdam. Els has Alzheimer’s disease identified and when her illness deteriorates, they decide to sell their house. They move to a nursing home. Soon living conditions grow unbearable for Louis, so he by himself moves again. After 50 years of marriage Louis has to leave Els behind in the nursing home. For the first time in his life Louis lives alone. He visits his wife on a daily basis and sometimes he walks from his new apartment to the nursing home. After some time he starts […]